Launching of the Variety Arabia Magazine website

Launching of the Variety Arabia Magazine website

Variety Arabia manages operations in conjunction with licensing partner Middle East Media and Publishing. Variety Arabia is managed by teams of professionals based in Dubai, Doha, Beirut and Cairo. It has its headquarters in London, England.

This magazine aims to punctuate and highlight activities concerning the entertainment industry in the whole world, general cultural interests, views plus information relevant to the entertainment industry in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Among many other competitors, CANADA HITECH has been awarded the project of building a dynamic website for Variety Arabia.

The contract was to create an international class online magazine website to Variety Arabia reflecting its worldwide image and business size. SaraCMS media server which is very user friendly, has exciting features, cost effective and offers rich content management system was employed by the team. A business package that facilitates high scalability and performance was used for web hosting services. The package runs on Quad Core Dell PowerEdge server.

The Variety Arabia website is bilingual English and Arabic, plus it offers easy browser experience. It is very easy to navigate through the rich content due to presence of hyperlinks or clicking on images, has a photo and video gallery, sitemap, news section, drop down menu and also allows users to subscribe to newsletters.

Second phase of development has been agreed in September 2011 to add new and special features to the website engine like:
1. Film Festivals Coverage. 2. Newsletter Generation. 3. Integration with Money Gateways for subscription. 4. Enhancing the Photo and Video Galleries Experience.