Launching the Dynamic website of Meher and Riddhima

Launching the Dynamic website of Meher and Riddhima

Meher and Ridhima or commonly known as M&R is a fashion designer that comprehends and appreciates the many moods of a woman and how to accentuate her presence. By playing on fabrics (crepe, silk, chiffons and georgettes) it encourages women to make a statement by professing individuality in a crowd and taking confidence to another level. The M&R atelier is characterized by impeccable finishing which is a true mark of a luxe fashion house.

Meher and Ridhima awarded the project of building a dynamic website to CANADA HITECH team among many other competitors.

The contract was to create world class corporate website for M&R reflecting its international image and size of business. SaraCMS professional edition was selected for its user friendliness, exciting features, offers rich content management and also very cost effective.

Business lite package provided by CANADA HITECH for web hosting services facilitate high scalability and performance. The package is running on Quad Core Dell PowerEdge server.

The M&R website gives users a very interactive browsing experience, and when the user moves the mouse over images and clicks on them, the user can get more details concerning the image link and traverse to other sections. It has a photo gallery which gives the ability to the user to search the store online.